About Us

Alloy America is a full service provider of extruded aluminum products, which includes screen printing frames, emulsion scoop coaters, squeegee
handles, rolling screen frame racks and textile spot cleaning guns.

We offer a variety of extrusion channels and sizes to fit a wide range of printing applications.

Our frame products are engineered to exact specifications. Our frames are robotically welded, square, flat, watertight and perfect for fabric adhesion onto the roughened aluminum surface.

Monofilament fabric of the highest quality is stretched on our exclusive manufactured stretching tables. The fabric is pneumatically tensioned in 4 directions thru a staged process. The fabric is tensioned and relaxed several times to stabilize the threads. This process insures the correct tension after the fabric has been bonded to the frame. Our unique adhesive formulation and its method of application will insure a permanent bond to the frame

We are committed to quality. Being the leading supplier of screen printing frames and aluminum products has enabled us to set high standards for the printing industry. Our extensive portfolio of extrusion shape capability, profile design and alloy designations consistently meet our stringent quality and market demands. Our frames have slightly radius edges for easy handling

Located just 10 miles north of Pittsburgh, PA is our 114,000 square foot manufacturing facility. Our capability to manufacture the finest screen printing products is enhanced by using robotic welding machines which have been programmed by our highly trained technical staff, insuring products that are consistently precise.

Service is paramount. We accommodate our customers with our full product line, including all standard sizes of screens and mesh counts with or without fabric attached, as well as our full product line. We “quick ship” within 24 hours from an extensive inventory, providing our customers with unparalleled delivery efficiency. Alloy America prides itself in being the leader in the industry by providing products with unprecedented quality, value, and service.